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URGENT APPEAL: Support our Relief Work in Kherson

Our team is in Kherson providing evacuation services and critical aid to people affected by the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam. Please support us so we can help them.



We deliver immediate, tailored assistance based on actual needs of last-mile communities in Eastern Ukraine.

What We Do

Our team specializes in providing crucial aid and services to the last-mile areas of Eastern Ukraine. We have been delivering both humanitarian and medical assistance non-stop since the onset of the Russian invasion. In addition, we operate an evacuation hub and refugee shelter near Bakhmut to aid those seeking refuge from this devastating conflict.

Who We Are

We are a team of native Ukrainians, who first came together on the Polish-Ukrainian border on the onset of this war to support our fellow citizens. Our deep ties to this country put us in a unique position to understand the needs of our people and how to address them. Through our reliable and effective work, we have established strong partnerships with international organizations that have enabled us to support a wider population.

Our Partners

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