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Our Partners

UK To Ukraine

Wiltshire, UK

UK To Ukraine was formed by a group of friends in England who were horrified by the developments in Ukraine and immediately started working to help refugees of war.

They have recently donated over £60,000 worth of generators at the most critical time as winter sets in. They have also gathered over £200,000 worth of humanitarian aid and drove all of this to Ukraine all the way from the UK.

Healing Hands Network

Coventry, UK

Healing Hands Network works to relieve suffering caused by war and the aftermath of war. They partner with Ambulance Aid UK and Medical Aid to Ukraine to provide medical and humanitarian aid.

They have worked incredibly hard in procuring vehicles across the UK. They fill them with humanitarian and drive them all the way to us in Ukraine! So far they have donated four ambulances and 6 vehicles to us, we use these vehicles to drive aid to Eastern Ukraine and evacuate people to safer areas.


Berlin, Germany

Wir-Packen-An are focused on supporting refugees both within in Ukraine and in Poland. They focus providing aid to refugees who do not have a voice and do not have rights.

They have helped us with critical winter supplies such as generators and fuel for them and continue to support us with fuel.

United Ukraine Appeal

Sydney, Australia

United Ukraine Appeal was formed by a group of Ukrainian emigrants in Australia at the start of the war to provide efficient aid to their home country. Experts in logistics they mobilize quickly and ensure aid gets to right places, immediately when it is needed.

They were one of our earliest supporters in our refugee shelter project, their help allowed us to open within two weeks of the military declaring the full evacuation of Bakhmut.

Folkowisko Foundation

Cieszanów, Poland

Folkowisko Foundation transformed into one of the most active organizations providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine on the Polish border. They provide quick, effective and systematic help to refugees in Poland and to highest need areas in Ukraine.

They have been our partners since the start of the war, they deliver weekly donations of humanitarian and medical aid to our warehouse. They have been a huge help in procuring and preparing our food boxes that have kept people in Eastern Ukraine alive when there is no access to food.

Schnelle Hilfe Fur die Ukraine

Dortmund, Germany

Schnelle Hilfe Fur die Ukraine are a grassroots, community grown organization based in Dortmund who gather donations among their community and deliver them to us in Ukraine.

They have helped us enormously with high-quality donations of food, clothes, hygiene items and other supplies for orphanages and brigades fighting on the frontlines. These donations go directly to orphanages in Western Ukraine where thousands of children were evacuated to at the beginning of the war from places like Mariupol, Kharkiv and Dnipro.

Buffalo Gives

Buffalo, USA

Buffalo Gives is based in Buffalo, USA. They aim to meet people’s exact needs by listening to their lived experiences. Lydia and her community have been a huge support to Ukraine since the start of the war, bringing over regular shipments of humanitarian aid gathered in and around Buffalo.

They have supported us with items that we have identified as being highest need among our beneficiaries such as trauma kits, vehicles and thermal layers.

Frontline Medics

California, USA

Frontline Medics provide evacuations and aid deliveries to communities right on the frontline of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They specialize in people with complex medical issues and the delivery of medical supplies.

We have partnered with them within our shelter, their volunteers staff our clinic within the shelter and provide medical assistance to our residents. If needed they bring people to the local hospital.

SCOOP Foundation

Dublin, Ireland

SCOOP has supported Ukrainians since the beginning of the war. They have focused on providing humanitarian aid to orphans evacuated from eastern Ukraine, in particular orphans with special needs.

Scoop, based on Ireland, have been hugely helpful in logistical funding for us, providing us with regular donations of fuel that allow us to transport the donations we receive across Ukraine. Fuel may not be sexy but it is so critical! They also recently bought us winter tires for our vans so they can travel across destroyed roads.

Volunteering and Help Center

Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv Volunteering and Help Center coordinates delivery of humanitarian aid from Europe to areas across Eastern Ukraine with a team of over 2,000 volunteers.

They have been a huge help in providing man-power and supplies, including Starlink devices, at our new shelter supporting refugees fleeing the fighting around Bakhmut.

Empact Northwest

Seattle, USA

Empact Northwest provides rescue, medical, and logistical support to those affected by disaster worldwide. They sent a team to support relief efforts at the very beginning of the war and now support Ukraine through STAY SAFE UA.

Empact have dedicated their fundraising efforts within their community to supporting STAY SAFE UA. Recently, they have supported us with Starlink terminals to keep our team connected during their missions.

AMD For Hope

Niagara, Canada

AMD For Hope is a group of people from Niagara, Canada who work to relieve the suffering of Ukrainian victims during the atrocious fight for freedom.

Anna and her team have gathered four shipments of donations from the amazing community in Niagara, each containing over $400,000 worth of medical aid and food aid providing over 800,000 meals.