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What We Do

STAY SAFE UA Refugee Shelter

Our team reacted immediately to the Ukrainian military-led evacuation of Bakhmut, opening a shelter and evacuation hub nearby within just two weeks. Through our work in this area, we have earned a reputation of being efficient, dynamic and reliable. The local government selected our organization to repurpose a disused kindergarten into a safe haven for refugees. Each resident is provided with a comfortable bed, warm meals, and the opportunity to connect with their families. We also connect them with a network of local evacuation services to facilitate their journey to a safer location. In just one month, we welcomed over 120 refugees to the shelter, and we continue to receive numerous requests for evacuation every day.


Our team is a leading member in a group of local CSOs evacuation civilians caught in the war-torn front-lines of Eastern Ukraine. In our first year, we evacuated more than 6,000 Ukrainians from the grey zone. Many of these individuals have endured months of malnourishment and lack of medical care, leading to significant physical and mental trauma. Our team brings them to critical humanitarian and medical services, enabling them to receive the necessary care to begin rebuilding their lives. From there, they have the opportunity to travel to other parts of Ukraine or beyond to access longer-term support.

Humanitarian Aid

Every week, we distribute 550 emergency supply boxes to civilians living on the front-lines of the war. Many Ukrainians are unable to leave their homes due to lack of resources or emotional connections to their homes and lives. We provide supplies to last people two weeks; this gives people time to evaluate their situation and removes one area of stress. Through our developed network of local activists and community leaders we identify the households with highest needs and prioritize these.

Medical Donations

We are partnered with five local hospitals near the front-lines, where we donate medical supplies each week. We have built strong communication channels directly to staff in these hospitals, we use these weekly to identify specific needs of each hospital to deliver appropriate supplies that are used immediately. We have also built a social pharmacy system with one of our partners to deliver the exact medication local citizens need each week.