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What We Do


We have teamed up with other local NGOs to run evacuation missions along the front-lines of the war. We evacuate around 600 Ukrainians weekly from Russian occupied areas. After months of having been deprived basic nutrition and medical care, they are often mentally and physically traumatized, we bring them to critical humanitarian and medical services. They are then able to travel to other places in Ukraine or further away to start rebuilding their lives and receive more advanced support.

Humanitarian Aid

Every week, we distribute 550 emergency supply boxes to civilians living on the front-lines of the war. Many Ukrainians are unable to leave their homes due to lack of resources or emotional connections to their homes and lives. We provide supplies to last people two weeks; this gives people time to evaluate their situation and removes one area of stress. Through our developed network of local activists and community leaders we identify the households with highest needs and prioritize these.

Medical Donations

We are partnered with five local hospitals near the front-lines, where we donate medical supplies each week. We have built strong communication channels directly to staff in these hospitals, we use these weekly to identify specific needs of each hospital to deliver appropriate supplies that are used immediately. We have also built a social pharmacy system with one of our partners to deliver the exact medication local citizens need each week.