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April 2023: Ukrainian National TV: ICTV

ICTV recently covered an evacuation mission we conducted in partnership with the White Angels team. We evacuated 5 civilians from a burning building and brought them to our shelter.

January 2023: Ukrainian National TV – 1+1

Andriy and Taras were interviewed on national TV, where they speak about their recent trip to Bakhmut and their focus on last-mile areas, to reach beneficiaries that other organisation cannot reach. This interview also receives a glowing review from Myroslav Otkovich, a soldier in the 130th battalion.

January 2023: USA Radio – NPR

Our American volunteer, David Tagliani was recently interviewed on NPR where he spoke about his experience with STAY SAFE UA. He speaks about his motivation for coming to Ukraine and bringing his dog all the way from Seattle!

September 2022: Ukrainian National TV – ICTV

We were recently featured on national TV during a special report on the recently liberated Kharkiv region. Our staff were highlighted for their critical work delivering supplies to elderly Ukrainians along a dangerous and challenging humanitarian corridor.

May 2022: Canadian TV – CHCH

We were featured along with our partners: AMD for Hope on Canadian TV, highlighting the critical support the Niagara community has given us. They have been a huge help since the start of the war, sending us regular donations that have been critical to us continuing our work. One of our staff members: Andriy was interviewed and shared heart-wrenching stories about his work delivering aid in Bucha.