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Who We Are

STAY SAFE UA was formed on a common goal: to support people living on the front-lines of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, areas large INGOs are unable to access. We are a small, committed team of native Ukrainians who met at the Polish-Ukrainian border on the first day of war (the name is an acronym of our first names). Our deep love for our country and sadness in seeing our people suffer, has motivated us to work tirelessly since the start of the invasion. We couple this with our deep roots in the Ukrainian community to identify areas of highest need and react immediately, delivering critical supplies. On the 29th of March we officially registered as a Ukrainian NGO, based in a distribution center in Lviv.

Our Founders

Taras, Founder

Taras is practical and well-connected with a diverse background that includes engineering, logging facility ownership, and apartment management. On the 24th of February 2022, he completely transitioned his life, dedicating his time to humanitarian aid. He coordinates and runs our distributions to Eastern Ukraine and utilizes his skills in logistics and project management to make a significant impact in the lives of those affected by the conflict. Taras is known for getting things done quickly and efficiently and is highly respected by his colleagues and peers.

Andriy, Founder

Andriy is a charismatic people person who has a talent for making connections wherever he goes. Before the full-scale Russian invasion, he was the successful owner of a car sales company and has deep knowledge of all types of vehicles. As a member of our team, Andriy plays a crucial role in running and coordinating aid distributions and evacuations in Eastern Ukraine. His expertise and personable nature make him an essential asset in our efforts to help Ukrainians fleeing the destruction.

Yuriy, Founder

Yuriy is a highly pragmatic individual who excels at finding the most efficient solutions to problems. Prior to the war, he ran a variety of businesses, including a recycling facility in Poland and apartments in his hometown. As a member of our team, Yuriy manages the logistics and operations of aid deliveries from across the world to our warehouse in Lviv. His expertise in supply chain management and his ability to streamline operations make him a crucial part in our mission to save lives in Eastern Ukraine.

Adrian, Founder

Adrian is a highly dedicated individual who manages our warehouse in Lviv while working as a full-time dentist. He is also our resident crypto expert and brings a wealth of knowledge in this field to our team. Originally from Romanian speaking Ukraine, Adrian moved to Lviv for university and had to quickly learn Ukrainian. His ability to adapt to new situations quickly and effectively makes him a valuable asset to our team. Adrian is highly diplomatic and possesses excellent problem-solving skills, allowing him to find solutions clearly and efficiently.

Oleksandr, Founder

Sasha is a Ukrainian truck driver who made the bold decision to move his family to Denmark. However, when the war broke out in Ukraine, Sasha felt compelled to return to his home country to offer his help. Born and raised in central Ukraine, Sasha is well-connected and knowledgeable about the region. He is a tireless worker, always brimming with energy, and willing to drive aid across the country whenever it is needed. Sasha’s selflessness and commitment to his country have earned him respect and admiration from those who know him.

Medical Team

Taras, Medical Coordinator

Taras is a highly knowledgeable medical procurement specialist with extensive expertise in Western and Ukrainian medicine. As a medical coordinator, he has built strong relationships with six partner hospitals across Eastern Ukraine, earning the trust and respect of the medical professionals he works with. Taras is renowned for his exceptional reliability and organizational skills, which ensure that medical supplies are always delivered on time and in the right quantities. His dedication to his work has made him a valued member of the team, and his attention to detail and meticulous planning have helped to ensure the success of our medical supply deliveries to hospitals treating war wounded Ukrainians.

Oleksandr, Medical Coordinator

Sasha is a key member of the medical team, working alongside Taras to coordinate medical donations from across Europe to hospitals in Eastern Ukraine. With hospitals near the frontline overwhelmed by the number of patients resulting from the ongoing conflict, Sasha’s role at STAY SAFE UA is critical. He works tirelessly to secure the necessary medicines and supplies to support healthcare workers on the front line, ensuring that donations reach those in need. Sasha is renowned for his reliability and hard work. His unwavering commitment his country and his dedication to the team make him a valuable asset to the organization.

Logistics Team

Roman, Logistics

Roman is a diligent real estate agent who is an expert in renovations, ensuring only the highest standard for all of his properties. He is responsible for organizing the warehouse, packing up deliveries, and unloading large donations, demonstrating his versatility and dedication to helping Ukrainians who are traumatized by this war. Roman’s strength and physical ability are invaluable assets in handling heavy loads, but he also has a gentle and caring side that endears him to those around him. His kindness and sweetness are a testament to his character, and his selflessness has earned him the respect and admiration of his community.

Oleksandr, Logistics

Sasha has spent many years working with companies across Europe, establishing valuable connections. Leveraging his extensive network, Sasha plays a vital role in organizing aid donations for STAY SAFE UA particularly from Germany. As the aid distribution manager for orphanages and schools across Western Ukraine, Sasha’s experience and expertise enable him to manage the distribution process effectively. Sasha is always happy and enthusiastic, bringing a positive energy to the warehouse and taking great care of the warehouse cats. His commitment to the cause and attention to detail make him a valued member of the team and a trusted partner for partners across the region.

Dmytro, Logistics

Dima is a reliable and highly organized team member who plays an essential role in keeping the warehouse running smoothly. Despite the high volume of activity, Dima always ensures that the warehouse is clean and well-organized, allowing for efficient processing of donations. In addition to his warehouse duties, Dima is the resident BBQ expert, bringing his culinary skills to team events and celebrations. Dima’s wife, Oxcana, is also a talented cook and occasionally surprises the team with her delicious homemade cheesecake. Dima’s contributions to the team extend beyond his organizational skills, as his enthusiasm and positive attitude make him a pleasure to work with and a valuable asset to the organization.

Operations Team

Izabella, Operations

Iza is a Polish consultant who answered the call to help when the conflict started. She drove to the border overnight and offered her assistance in any way she could. In May, she officially joined STAY SAFE UA, where she now contributes to operations, fundraising, and communications efforts. Iza’s background in organizational development has proven invaluable to the team, as she brings structured problem-solving skills that help streamline our operations.

David, Operations

Dave is an experienced American humanitarian aid worker, he has worked in this field for over 30 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his work in humanitarian aid across the world to our efforts in Ukraine. He is also a trained EMT and search and rescue dog handler, and his search and rescue dog, Libby, is a valuable member of our team. Dave is well connected in the USA and helps us effectively communicate with partners and donors there. Dave’s expertise and dedication to our cause are deeply appreciated and have made a significant impact on our ability to provide aid to those in need.

Madeline, Operations

Madeline is a passionate American humanitarian aid worker who plays a vital role in the fundraising and donation coordination efforts for STAY SAFE UA. Her experience and expertise enable her to coordinate the delivery of donations from partner organizations, ensuring that they reach those in need. Madeline’s unwavering commitment to her work and her ability to build strong relationships with donors and partners make her an invaluable member of the team.