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Who We Are

STAY SAFE UA was formed on a common goal: to support people living on the front-lines of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, areas large INGOs are unable to access. We are a small, committed team of native Ukrainians who met at the Polish-Ukrainian border on the first day of war (the name is an acronym of our first names). Our deep love for our country and sadness in seeing our people suffer, has motivated us to work tirelessly since the start of the invasion. We couple this with our deep roots in the Ukrainian community to identify areas of highest need and react immediately, delivering critical supplies. On the 29th of March we officially registered as a Ukrainian NGO, based in a distribution center in Lviv.

Taras Rokoshevskiy
Andrii Depko
Yuriy Kachmar

Adrian Kostash
Oleksandr Stoyan

Izabella Rosiak

Dmytro Lohanovckiy
Madeline MacKenzie
David Tagliani

Roman Rohozhynskyi
Oleksandr Sola
Taras Smyk