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Together For Winter

Over 40% of Ukrainian energy infrastructure has been destroyed. Millions have been left without water, heat cooking facilities, connection to families, working toilets and other life-threatening issues. We have received donations of generators for families, hospitals and orphanages to keep them powered through the winter. We now need to support households and organisations with fuel to power these generators.

$140 will provide one person with light, heat and connection for four months.

$210 will sponsor a generator for a family of six for a month, we will send you exclusive stories about the impact your donation is having.

$840 will power a generator for a family for the whole winter, we will send you exclusive updates directly from the family you are supporting and a personalized thank you note and gift from our team.

Bring power back into Ukrainian homes this winter:

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Power To Women

After months of Russian attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, over 1.4 million households have been left without power, this covers all areas we deliver to. At this instant, rural villages are facing a humanitarian crisis this winter. More than 70% of homes we deliver to are headed by women, and 100% of these have been left completely without power. To survive the winter, they need power now. Women are the first to sacrifice themselves for their families’ comfort, leaving them at risk of long-term health impacts.

In light of this crisis, our partners: UK to Ukraine have donated a 30kW generator, enough to power a whole village of 150+ people and its infrastructure. Subsequently, we plan to drive this generator to villages currently cut off from power that have received no support form other organisations. Restoring connection, light, heat and cooking facilities to people at the worst time of their lives. Rural women will have access to some power each week, allowing them to recharge power banks, prepare food, and connect with families elsewhere giving them the chance to seek help.

Support Ukrainian women left to care for entire households:

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Message In A Box

Donate €25 per box along with a message of hope and encouragement you want to send to Ukrainians Standing up against Russia, for our country and the world.

Instead of another pair of socks, send a life-saving box to Ukraine this holiday in the name of your loved ones. Your present will bring light back into people’s homes, people living under constant shelling without food, light or heat this winter.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Donate €25 per box and send us an inspirational message you would like to share with Ukrainians trapped in the middle of this devastating conflict.
  2. We buy the supplies for the boxes in Ukraine to support the deprived economy.
  3. We translate your message into Ukrainian as a handwritten letter.
  4. We pack the boxes with supplies and messages and transport them across the country to regions most affected by the war.
  5. Your life-saving donation and hopeful message supports and inspires families to keep fighting against Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine and the world.
Send a package of hope and life-saving supplies to Ukrainians being bombarded by shelling everyday:

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