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Taste of Hope: Mobile Bakery Reviving Hope in Eastern Ukraine

Support our newest project: a bakery on wheels to support the refugee community we have built around our shelter. Help us convert an old container into a bakery to support over 500 people everyday. The bakery will be run by a group of three local women who ran a bakery in Bakhmut before the war, they were forced to flee their homes and have been living in our shelter ever since.


Chasiv Yar – Months of fighting have destroyed much of the infrastructure around Bakhmut.

Refugees fleeing the fighting around Bakhmut are unable to access fresh food.

Two months ago, we opened a refugee center in Konstantynivka for people fleeing Bakhmut. We found that there is very little access to fresh food, particularly bread. There are plenty of donations of long-life food supplies, but no fresh food. Most of the businesses in this area have shut down since the beginning of the war, leaving the population who stayed without access to everyday supplies and without jobs.


Disused container ready to be converted to a mobile bakery.

Help us turn a disused container into a bakery by local women for the refugee community in Konstantynivka.

We plan to open a bakery connected with our center to supply free bread to our shelter and the wider refugee community. We have a team of three local women, all refugees themselves, who previously ran a bakery in Bakhmut, that are ready to manage this project. We plan to initially make 100 loaves per day and increase this if needed. We will deliver this to neighboring communities where the infrastructure is destroyed. This will bring a sense of normalcy and routine back to people’s everyday lives during this tumultuous time.

What We Will Accomplish:

100 Loaves of bread per day for the refugee community around Kostantynivka

500 People fed per day: 100 people within our shelter + 400 refugees across five local communities

3 Local women employed, and their families supported

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